A Case Of Identity

Workshop Storyline

A missing 17-year-old school girl is found dead in a disused military bunker. The girl’s parents reported her missing four days prior when she failed to return home from school. There are signs of a struggle and a substantial wound to the head appears to be the cause of death.

This case explores the importance of cyber safety with social networks, the dangers of drink spiking and the consequences of taking risks. What online friend did Sally meet with and how did she die?

Interactive Evidence Stations

Engage your students in a hands-on science incursion unlike any other. Your students act as forensic scientists to examine and analyse crucial pieces of evidence from the scene of the crime. Concurrently, acting as a detective, students use their critical and creative thinking skills to piece together the story of what happened to the missing girl.

Exploration of Social Issues

In addition to the exploration of science curriculum our interactive school incursions discuss important social and community issues. This case deals with issues of cyber safety and drink spiking. This workshop also has an optional sexual assault component which can be used to open a dialogue on such important issues with your students.


KS3 & KS4

Evidence Stations Include:


Time of death determination

Physical fit tests

Toxicology analysis

Digital microscopy

Impression evidence

Hair and fibre analysis

Autopsy report

Digital evidence

DNA profiling

Booking Information

A Case of Identity is not touring the UK for the 2019/2020 school year

Have a look at our other fascinating workshop, A Case of Conspiracy to see when we can visit your school.

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Curriculum Relevance Statement

Our workshops were developed by scientists in collaboration with university forensic departments to ensure the content is scientifically accurate. These programs are aligned to the national curriculum and KS3 learning outcomes, please see files below for specific details.